Get Social.   90 Days.   Risk Free.

Manalto provides you with the tools, the training, and the support to build your franchise, its brand and its social media performance!

Take Control of Your Franchise’s Social Media!

While managing one social media account was easy, things become much more complicated with multiple accounts and hundreds of pages.

For many franchises, social media management and brand consistency become meaningless and totally unmanageable without any form of centralized control.

But now you can take back control with our mid-year 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee offer for franchises who sign up to Manalto before June 30, 2017.

A purpose-built Social Media Management Tool for Franchises, Manalto was created to help franchises better manage social media at scale.

Our system allows an organization to efficiently manage their online presence across multiple supported platforms and numerous pages, improve brand consistency, minimize risk and elevate community engagement.

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