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Efficiently manage your brand and risk across social media.

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Manalto’s software provides a simple and centralized interface that allows
an organization to manage the user permissions for multiple social media outlets across a number of social media platforms.

This means organizations can now maintain control of content and brand identity across an expansive social media presence.

The result is a social media marketing strategy that is focused, organized and effective at a large scale.

Control brand identity across social media.

Manage user access and permissions to social media platforms.

Monitor social media activity and community engagement.

Ensure content consistency at the local level across social media assets

Mitigate corporate reputational risk effectively across social media assets.

Adhere to regulatory requirements regarding public information sharing.

Brand Management

Promote and protect your brand consistently across all of your social media communities, by managing all of your social media accounts under one roof. Manalto’s built in hierarchical structure, media library and user management features enables delivers capability to alignment brand management to your organizational structure. Delivering brand consistency and brand control.