Cloud Based Social Media Management – At Scale.

Instantly publish content and manage your brand across hundreds of social media pages in just one click.


Manage Users

Assign permissions on a granular level

Scalable Posting

Post one message across thousands of pages


Measure your pages’ performance

Social Listening

Hear what your audience is saying about you

Manalto Enterprise is a cloud-based social media management software that enables enterprises to efficiently manage their social media presence across multiple social platforms, at scale. The Manalto solution delivers controls to support brand management and risk management across social media. Manalto saves time, money and resources, while allowing visibility to ensure real-time customer service and engagement.

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5 Strategies to Define Your Franchise’s Brand “I didn’t know how” won’t fly anymore! If you want to tidy up branding across all your Zee’s, you need to zip them up tight, providing them with the tools they need to get things in order. It can be a leap of faith for Zee’s to branch

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Help Local Franchises Stay in Your Brand’s Lane

According to a 2017 survey by Franchise Direct, 41% of prospective franchisors are investing in the franchise space in different industries such as this Education business & tutoring franchise investment as well as many other franchise opportunities because they wish to be their own boss, but also don’t want to have to come up with


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Named a “Trend to Watch” in 2016, halfway through 2017 we are still seeing immersive content rise to the top of the crop when it comes to digital marketing strategies.